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Gamers Mafia News Flash
:::::: The Gamers Mafia forums shut down in April 2009. We returned in April 2022. Welcome old and new members! ::::::
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This is Roleplay and necessary for new member registration:

You have betrayed the GM and revealed to the rival family our trade secrets.
CYBER the GM administrator has put a hit order out on you unless he can be sure you will remain loyal. Your answer determines your fate.

You are tied to a chair and a blowtorch is put to your head.
We are going to need the location of their base to make a hit. Give us the location now or your face will be reconstructed with a blowtorch.
If you remain silent, and do not answer you will be wacked (Your account deleted) unless you can prove your loyalty to the GM.
If you wish to remain loyal to the GM, you can prove your loyalty by posting a new topic or replying to a topic every day in our forums.
But first you must have replying and posting privileges.

Please note, if you have not told CYBER that you are not a bot, you will never be able to post or reply in any of the forums as they require special permission to access them.
So after registering here as a new member, send a private message to CYBER. Make the subject "REGISTRATION" and the message "I AM NOT A BOT."
After you send that private message then CYBER will validate you as a human and not a bot. You will then be granted official membership into the GM. If you do not do this within 24 hours of registering here as a new member the hit order will remain and your account will be deleted.

For your Famous Last Words, here is how you may answer...
[1]Give a location to the enemy base and remain loyal to the GM.
[2]Say something like its your last few seconds on earth and completely ignore the question.
[3]Take no action. In other words, leave it as No Comment. This is what it is by default.
Your time is up. Any last words? Answer here. This is your last chance to prove your loyalty or get your face reconstructed with a blowtorch.

These are your Famous Last Words and will appear under your signature, in the Members List next to your name, and in your profile when another member looks you up.
There is a 100 character limit so make the most of it!

Okay so now, answer the question!
Where is the location of the enemy base?
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